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PD Law Launches a Client Portal and Mobile App

PD Law Launches a Client Portal and Mobile App

PD Law are delighted to announce, that this week they have launched a Client Portal and Mobile Phone App, offering their clients the opportunity to access their information by downloading an iPhone or iPad app or  going onto the web.

Clients will be able to check on their critical dates, look at reminders, view their contracts and other important documents, as soon as they have been prepared. Mel Cox – CEO is very excited by the launch, she says “This implementation is a huge benefit to the business and for our clients, who now have access to their information at weekends, out of office hours, literally 24/7!”. 

“With just a couple of steps our clients can access information that they would normally have received in the post or via email”. Mel said “The opportunities for office efficiency are huge and the PD Law team are very keen to give clients immediate access to documents in one place”.  

The roll out for the client portal has commenced and will be offered to clients with new matters. This roll out will soon be followed by online access for our real estate agents.