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Assault & Violent Offences

If you or someone you know have been charged with assault or a violent offence, it’s crucial you seek legal advice. These charges are serious in nature and need to be dealt with by a criminal lawyer with experience.

Property Offences

Property offences can range from shop lifting, to breaking and entering to stealing. If you’ve been charged with a property offence, our team can help advise and represent you. We have years of experience dealing with these types of matters and will do whatever we can to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Drug Offences

Drug offences are one of the most common offences criminal lawyers deal with. The main 5 areas of drug offences include possessing, producing, supplying &  trafficking dangerous drugs, and possessing various properties. Penalties and sentencing for drug offences can vary depending on the charges made against you.

Sexual Offences

Sexual offences can carry heavy penalties, and long terms of imprisonment depending on the severity of your charges. Our criminal lawyers at PD Law have years of experience dealing with sexual offence cases and are here to help. If you have been charged with a sexual offence, it is crucial you seek legal advice.

Fraud & Related Matters

Whether the circumstances of your fraud charges are complex or simple, getting legal advice is vital. Our legal team are here to provide advice and represent you to get you the best result possible.

Public Order Offences

These offences are seen as “nuisance” offences and are for keeping the community in good order. Offences listed under public order offences include offensive language, offensive conduct, wilful & obscene exposure, violent disorder, failure to move on, possession of a knife in public.

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Common Terminology

The law is complex, and it can be difficult to understand the legal lingo lawyer’s use. Here is a list of commonly used terminology in criminal law.

FAQs about Criminal Law

Get the answers to your burning questions. We answer the most common frequently asked questions about criminal law here.

Legal Aid Queensland Matters

We offer Legal Aid Cases monthly to clients, to be considered please complete the LAQ process by clicking the link below.

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