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From Little Things

From Little Things

Out of over 2,500 law firms in the State of Queensland, about 1,200 utilise PEXA, an online settlement platform for property transactions. PD Law now ranks in the top 100 in the State for volume of successful transactions completed under PEXA’s electronic property settlements system, and the top 300 nationally.

“I am so delighted and proud of our team, but I’m actually not surprised” Mel Cox, CEO, director, and co-founder of PD Law said.

“From day one we’ve listened to all stakeholders – buyers, sellers, and agents – and set out to develop a very strong legal project management system.  No matter what the business, if customers continue to get great service and great results, hard work pays off for a business. The results come eventually.”

PD Law, now a full-service general practice law firm, took on its first conveyance in 2007. “We were virtually a start-up then, with [co-founder and director] Stuart and I being the only staff, after having concentrated purely on property development in years prior. We had to get across the law and be smart with time and resources, which meant we needed immediate technology leverage. Back in those days law firms were still doing many conveyancing related tasks manually, like writing to local councils to request searches, and paying for services by cheque. I remember wondering why lawyers back then were doing things manually and if there was a better way, as there were massive efficiencies to be gained if things were done differently. We decided to go all in on some very early tech (to obtain searches electronically) and, frightening as was back then to go down a different path from traditional firms, it paid off. Clients benefitted immediately. It felt like a real breakthrough.”

The conveyancing division in PD Law boasts about 10 full time staff, overseen by manager Bernie Gunders. Through her leadership, grace under pressure and unwavering work ethic, Bernie has ‘steered the ship’ for the last 10 years. “Some of the biggest differentials are our dedication to ongoing training, service iteration and client care. I’ve worked in different firms over the years, as have others within our team, and the constant theme is that we’re thorough. Although it’s a challenge to be committed to change, it’s why we find ourselves receiving this kind of recognition. It’s also very rewarding that we’ve got repeat clients who use us for buying and selling property throughout Queensland”.