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We’re lawyers! What do we know about branding?

We’re lawyers! What do we know about branding?

It’s a trite comment to say Apple has got it right. A cursory Google (or perhaps Safari?) search will reveal the message behind the Apple brand, and how it is supported with an almost religious zeal by its followers, and its team. No we don’t think we’re Apple, or Google, or Coke, or the North Queensland Cowboys, and we don’t expect to have raving fans (we’re lawyers after all), despite what social media experts suggest.

But, we do think we are a pretty forward-thinking bunch: efficient, with a fresh and evolving approach to personal legal and business issues.

With this in mind we embarked on updating our logo.
Along the way, we researched, and we read, and read (we’re lawyers after all), and learned that re-branding, or even just freshening our brand, involves more than a brief to our graphic designer. What will our brand say about us, and how we communicate? What’s our client service really like? What do our people think of it?  What do our clients think about it? How does it showcase our business and its various parts – our capability, our strategy, and where we’re headed?

For us, the process was frustrating, challenging, confronting, enlightening and ultimately extremely rewarding.

We’re very proud of our new logo, and we’re equally proud of our ever evolving brand.

We’re also thankful for our amazing graphic designer Lucie, who is eternally patient!