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Business Mobility, Knowledge Workers and Choice

20 years ago our reception area was frequently short on chairs. A combination of limited technology, and traditional expectations of lawyer / client relationships meant that often, business was conducted face-to-face. Today, the business of law is vastly different, and for good reason.

  • First, people don’t have time to leave what they’re doing.
  • Second, technology has opened the door for us as knowledge workers – it’s truly revolutionised the way we offer our services, where and to whom we can offer it.
  • Third, and most importantly, consumer choice is practically unlimited. Now, more than ever, excellent service offered via a client’s device of choice is the real driver. Choice will be determined by quality of service and value for money.


And this is just the beginning. A white paper recently released by a major international technology corporation involved a survey of almost 5000 people from eight different countries, how they are using technology now, and what their expectations were going forward. Not unexpectedly it found that the trend for embracing services such as law via modern technology is increasing exponentially.

We don’t need to take your temperature

We’re often asked if our clients need to meet us face to face. This question is topical, and the answers important:

  • You rarely, if ever, need to sit opposite us
  • You always need prompt and unlimited access to us
  • You always need quality professional advice that adds value
  • You always need excellent reliable dependable service.

21st Century law firm

Emails, VoIP conferencing (eg Skype, Google Hangouts, Face-Time) are readily available for all of us to embrace and leverage from.

In fact, right now we’re in the process of adopting a new electronic conveyancing system, already successfully implemented in southern states. I’ll talk about this some more later, but for now, this new process will enable us to conduct conveyancing settlements for all property transactions anywhere in Queensland on a secure online platform. It will truly revolutionise the way we practise, and we’re excited to be a part of the change, and to offer this new service to our clients very soon.

The days of having to carry around some paper, or remember where you saved an important document are gone. How often do you find yourself looking for an email someone sent you? We already offer our clients across the State a secure online portal, accessible 24/7. Everything’s kept in one place.

All our client needs is access to the web. The rest is easy.

PD Law – Queensland Wide Service

At PD law, we operate a truly State Wide service, with clients from Coolangatta to Cape York, in a variety of areas of law:

  • business planning and strategy
  • residential conveyancing
  • property development
  • personal estate planning.

So don’t limit your opportunities. We are available for you, wherever you are.