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The paradox of innovation

The paradox of innovation

“It just crawled into that bloody hole in my glove!”

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of harvesting and extracting honey the traditional way from my parents’ bee hive: white overalls, the funny veil, bee smoker, the whole show. And later at their home, separating the honey using this old  extractor (really old – over 100 years!) which belonged to my great uncle and probably someone before him. Yes there are more innovative (and evidently less painful) processes, but this was a truly fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

When not dressed as a bee whisperer, I spend a lot of time with our team here at PD LAW looking for better ways to do things. Nothing’s allowed to remain just because ‘that’s how everyone does it’, and if we can operate more efficiently and increase accessibility to quality legal services, we’ll give it a crack.

Recently we installed a new phone system that lets clients navigate directly to the person they’re after instead of having to explain themselves to reception and other staff each time they call  – gone is the ‘may I ask what it’s regarding?’ question. Go straight to the source.

Next week we’re rolling out a new online appointment scheduling app on our web page (see below image) which lets you choose an appointment time on your smartphone from the comfort of your own home at 9:30 PM while binge watching Game of Thrones on Netflix (no you’re not the only one tired!).

I know neither of these is strictly new, but we’re already looking for ways to get these tools to do more than the typical offering: for instance our appointment scheduler will also let you choose the team member you want to see, instantly upload docs you might want looked at before the appointment, select your meeting format preference (at the office, skype or phone etc.), an online chat option, and heaps more. And you haven’t even had to call us yet!

So there it was, in the space of a week I experienced the highs of seeing new, innovative and value adding products take shape for our business and clients, and also witness first-hand the honed efficiency of a tried and tested system that just works so beautifully.

Oh yeah, and the poor bee that wriggled its way into the tiny hole in my glove received a robust round of applause from said glove wearer. Casualty of war.