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Planning a night out in Airlie? Here’s what you need to know…….

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From 1 July, 2017 State Parliament introduced amendments to liquor licencing laws in Queensland. Because Airlie Beach is a designated Safe Night Precinct, a number of measures have been put in place that may impact on your night out.

Got ID?

Venues that trade past midnight will now have ID Scanners installed. This means to enter any of these venues, you will need an acceptable form of ID. These include a driver’s licence, proof of age card, or passport. ID must include a photo, with a date of birth and it must be current. ID Scanners will capture your photo, your date of birth and your name.

Shots anyone? Not after midnight

Rapid intoxication drinks include things like shots and bombs. They are drinks designed to be consumed rapidly; or contain more than 45 ml of alcohol; or pre-mixed drinks containing more than 5% alcohol by volume or containing more than 2 standard drinks. Drinks that fall into this category are not able to be served after midnight. Cocktails that aren’t meant to be drunk quickly are exempt but they must be part of a menu, with a set price.

Last Drinks

The latest venues can serve alcohol is 3am within a Safe Night Precinct. If you’re not in a Safe Night Precinct, drinks can only be served until 2am. You then have 30 minutes after last drinks are called to finish your drink. Venues are able to remain open to serve food, non-alcoholic drinks and provide entertainment after they stop serving alcohol.

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