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Are you about to lose your drivers licence? You may be eligible for a restricted work licence.

Drivers Licence in Jeopardy?

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where your driver’s licence is in jeopardy, due to being caught by police with drugs or alcohol in your system, you might still have options.

A restricted work licence is available in certain circumstances where:

  • You’ve been charged by police with drink driving, and your reading is less than 0.15%, or driving with a relevant drug (such as cannabis, ice or ecstasy) in your saliva or blood;
  • At the time of being pulled over by Police you had a current open licence and you weren’t driving for work purposes;
  • You have not lost your licence in the last 5 years;
  • If you lose your licence you will lose your job, and you will find yourself in financial hardship

If this is you, come and see us at PD Law and we can help you to apply to the Court for a work licence. We can make sure all the correct material is filed and appear in front of the Magistrate on your behalf.

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