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Law Innovation. If it was easy, everyone would!

This was the topic set to the Finalist Panel for the ALPMA/Telstra Thought Leadership Award Finalists by Warrick McLean General Manager, Coleman Greig Lawyers ALPMA.

Mel Cox CEO/ Director of PD Law answers the 5 questions posed regarding Innovation and Law Firms :

  • Q1 What is the difference between innovation and improvement and what is the defining characteristic of each?
  • Q2 What is the single most impressive example of innovation or thought leadership that you know of at a law firm?
  • Q3 Everyone understands that innovation is vital – what blocks it from happening and what propels it to success?
  • Q4 How does the market’s expectation of innovation differ between large and small law firms?
  • Q5 Make a predictionwhat’s the biggest innovation or change we will see in law firms in the next 24 months?

See Mel’s answers by clicking on the below link: