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It’s not just about the law

It’s not just about the law

Since 2012, PD Law’s goal was to re-think legal services delivery. “It’s no secret legal services are a bit of a grudge purchase”, director Stuart Bell said. “We’re working hard to change that, and offer an affordable menu of contemporary services so people can immediately assess what sort of value we can add.”

This is being achieved in no small part to their investment in technology and further education, though not just legal education. CEO Mel Cox is several years in to her MBA. “We’re a business first, facing the same pressures as all small business. The legal profession is undergoing massive change and we’re making it our business not just to move with the times, but to be at the industry forefront.

Geographic location is neither a consideration nor an excuse for us not being at the tip of change.”

Contemporary relevant service delivery is just part of the picture. Recent recruits Christine Kinnear (employment law, business and property development) and Sarah Smith (family law, estate planning, criminal law) have welcomed the energy of working in this environment. “To be exposed to the innovative alternatives to traditional legal services is exciting” Christine Kinnear said.

“The last thing you want is for a client to leave feeling unsure, and in high stress personal situations it’s often hard for them to come away empowered and informed, but this is our aim”, family lawyer Sarah Smith remarked.

Exploiting technology enables PD Law to achieve more in less time, which equals efficiency for clients. Conveyancing manager Bernie Gunders: “Looking back to traditional conveyancing service delivery, it’s chalk and cheese. With the systems we’ve developed in-house, we offer a more reliable, thorough service every time, and it’s not over. We’re testing and evolving almost every week!

“Don’t get me wrong – change management is a daily challenge, but it’s rewarding.”

Receptionist Sue MacMillan said “I remember almost from day one the different feel this place gives off. Although we all work very hard, it’s a very vibrant environment, and we’re always learning, all of us. I enjoy work and that’s such a bonus in any working environment”.

No business thrives without a strong management team, preferably devoid of lawyers! “When I began here in 2014, marketing knowledge was limited but I saw the directors had a clear vision for the business. I knew my industry expertise would be embraced and complement their direction” marketing manager Melissa Wick said.

“Because we’re in a knowledge based industry we’re offering our services across Queensland. We’re very proud of what our brand conveys and it’s an exciting time for us so watch this space!”

Measured growth is equally important. “It’s no secret all business suffer knee jerk reactions sometimes – we get busy, employ more team members, grow, but efficiency, profit and job satisfaction doesn’t always reflect this,” Mel Cox said. “We now only seek new staff whom we can tell straight away will buy into our vision, and keen to grow. We recently took on local law graduate Hayden Grimston applying this model. Hayden is keen to learn and apply his legal knowledge, but equally keen about the business, how it runs, who we are as a group and how we deliver our service.”.

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