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Family Visas

What You Need to Know About Family Visas

Family visas are one of the most popular subclasses of visas which migration experts deal with. These subclasses allow an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand eligible citizen to bring their family members (such as their children, spouse, sibling, or parent)  to Australia.

Our team of migration experts are here to here to assess your current situation, and future migration goals to provide you with expert advice to ensure you or your family members have the best chances of success at permanent or temporary residency.

What Visa Subclasses Fall Under Family Visas?

Partner Visas

  • 820/801 Partner Visa
  • 309/100 Partner Visa
  • 300 Prospective Marriage Visa
  • 461 New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (temporary) Visa

Child Visas

  • 102 Adoption Visa
  • 101 Child Visa
  • 802 Child Visa
  • 445 Dependent Child Visa

Parent Visas

  • 804 Aged Parent Visa
  • 884 Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Visa
  • 864 Contributory Aged Parent Visa
  • 870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa
  • 173 Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa
  • 143 Contributory Parent Visa
  • 103 Parent Visa

Relative Visas

  • 114 Aged Dependent Relative Visa
  • 838 Aged Dependent Relative Visa
  • 836 Carer Visa
  • 116 Carer Visa
  • 117 Orphan Relative Visa
  • 837 Orphan Relative Visa
  • 115 Remaining Relative Visa
  • 835 Remaining Relative Visa

What is the Application Process?

  1. Enquire With the Team

We discuss your visa options, and future migration goals in depth. We provide you with personalised migration advice based on your current circumstances and take your instructions on how you wish to proceed.

  1. Collaboration With the Team

Together we work on obtaining your documents & information required for your chosen visa subclass, to meet eligibility criteria. We work on your draft application and prepare your supporting evidence to supply to the Department of Home Affairs.

  1. Visa Lodgement

Lodgement of your visa application is completed – your application will remain pending during the processing time. We will keep you updated throughout the processing time and continue to update the application.

  1. Decision

The decision on your visa will be received, and our team will call you to inform you of the good news!

What Can PD Law Help With?

  • Visa Eligibility Assessment
  • Providing Legal Advice and Assistance
  • Preparing visa application (including any necessary application forms, and supporting submissions)
  • Compiling visa application in the required form for lodgement
  • Lodging visa application with the Relevant Authority
  • Monitoring of visa application with the relevant authority

Everyone’s situation is different, and every visa subclass has its own eligibility criteria. Call us today for an obligation free discussion to discuss your migration needs.

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