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The Standard Business Sponsorship Process for Employers

The Standard Business Sponsorship Process for Employers

To be eligible to nominate a foreign employee on certain work visas in Australia, an employer must first apply for Standard Business Sponsorship (also known as SBS). SBS is an agreement with the Australian government, which allows certain Australian businesses to sponsor overseas workers to fill highly skilled occupations in their business.

Business sponsorship plays a vital role in facilitating economic growth and filling critical skill gaps in various industries. With the ever-changing demands of the global market, businesses often require specialized skills that may not be readily available within the local workforce.

By sponsoring foreign workers, businesses can access a global talent pool, attracting individuals with a diverse range of skills and experiences. This not only helps address labour shortages but also brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Sponsorship

As an employer there are several key requirements you must meet to be eligible for business sponsorship. These requirements are in place to ensure that employers are committed to the development of the local workforce and are providing fair and equitable opportunities for both local and sponsored employees.

You must demonstrate the following, to apply for Standard Business Sponsorship:

  1. Your business is lawfully operating in Australia:
    • Evidence of active ABN
    • Evidence of business premises
    • Evidence of business financials
    • Evidence of marketing materials
    • Evidence of operations (organisation chart, invoices, contracts etc.)
  1. You must not have any adverse information recorded against your business:

Adverse information is any unfavourable information which could impact your suitability as an approved sponsor.

Examples of adverse information:

  • You/your business are being investigated.
  • You/your business have been found guilty by a court of an offence.
  • You/your business have been subject to disciplinary or legal action.
  • You/your business have been or are subject to administrative action.

Steps in the Business Sponsorship Process

Enquire With the Team

We provide you with personalised migration advice based on your current circumstances and take your instructions on how you wish to proceed.

Collaboration With the Team

Together we work on obtaining your documents & information required for your SBS application to meet eligibility criteria. We work on your draft application and prepare your supporting evidence to supply to the Department of Home Affairs.


Lodgement of your SBS application is completed. The application will remain pending during the processing time, and we will keep you updated and continue to update the application during this.


The decision on your SBS application will be received, and our team will call you to inform you of the good news.

Benefits of Being an Approved Sponsor

There are many benefits of becoming an Approved Business Sponsor including:

  • You can fill labour shortages within your business with overseas skilled workers who were not able to be sourced in your local market.
  • If you’re a global organisation, you can transfer staff from other locations to Australia (if required)
  • You are approved for a 5-year time period.

Becoming an approved sponsor in Australia has many benefits for employers in Australia. If you’re interested in becoming a Standard Business Sponsor, talk to our team today to discuss your eligibility.