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How Our Bowen Family Lawyers Can Help You

Parenting Matters

When children are involved in their parents’ separation or divorce, emotions rise to a new level. Our Bowen Family Lawyers aim is to ensure your child’s best interests are safeguarded whilst working closely with you, so you understand all available options for their future wellbeing. To access the Parenting Matters Legal Terminology, click here

Property Settlements

At the heart of every relationship are the assets & liabilities, all of which form the property pool that needs to be divided equitably. Splitting property, assets & money after the end of a marriage or de facto relationship can be an extremely complex and overwhelming, which is why it is recommended to contact our Bowen Family Lawyers to walk you through the process.

Divorce & Separation

Even an amicable relationship breakdown and subsequent divorce can be emotionally taxing and challenging to navigate. Our Bowen Family Lawyers can make the process simpler for you by explaining your options, responsibilities and supporting you throughout the process.

Domestic & Family Violence

Experiencing any type of domestic or family violence is emotionally draining & overwhelming. Our Bowen family lawyers are experienced in dealing with these types of matters and can guide you through the matter, one step at a time.

Financial Agreements

Financial agreements provide defacto or married couples a way to bypass court involvement when it comes to dealing with finances (including property settlement and maintenance agreements) by creating an alternative contract governing asset division and support payments. Our Bowen family lawyers can help you with all types of financial agreements, including Binding Financial Agreements (Prenups) and Consent Orders.

Other Services

If what you see here doesn’t fit your circumstances, please contact our Bowen family team – we offer other services which can be tailed to your specific matter.

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