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Things to do when you are separating from a partner

Separating? What Now?

Going through a divorce or separation can be can a stressful and confusing time. You may find that everyone seems to have a horror story to tell or advice to give making it difficult to sort fact from fiction. No two separations are the same so it’s important to get the right information from the right people.

Our experienced family lawyer can offer compassionate and common-sense advice and can address the many myths and misunderstandings that exist about things such as who will get the kids, or how your property will be divided up, and provide you with the right information and options to help you move forward.

To help offer some guidance in the meantime, here are some tips on things you should do, or consider, when you separate from your partner:

Try to keep things civil – During a separation, emotions are often running hot and it can be very difficult to always act rationally. The more amicable a breakup is, however, the more chance you will have of being able to agree on your property and parenting matters and the less chance that you will have of ending up with a big legal bill (those darn lawyers!!).

Change your passwords and PINS – If there is any chance that your former partner knows, or has had access to, your bank PIN or passwords for internet and telephone banking, emails or social media accounts, change them!

Speak to your bank – It is important to let your bank know that you have separated from your partner and to check the security settings on any of your joint bank accounts or redraw facilities. Sometimes it can be a good idea to ask your bank to change your accounts to require two signatures for any withdrawals.

At the very least, you should be checking your accounts regularly to ensure that no large or unexplained sums of money are being withdrawn from the accounts without your knowledge and, if they are, you should notify your bank in writing that you do not consent to any money being withdrawn from your accounts.

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