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Family Law Seminar Series

Family Law Seminar Series

Separating? What happens now?

PD Law are running a series of FREE Family Law Seminars in conjunction with the Whitsunday Neighbourhood Centre. The first of these will take place on Wednesday 7 September from 5.30pm to 7.30pm at the Whitsunday Neighbourhood Centre.

There is always a “grey” area when a couple first separates.  When you go through a separation or divorce, it seems that everyone is an “expert” or has a horror story to tell and it can be difficult to sort Fact from Fiction. No two separations are the same so it is important to get the right information from the right people. This seminar will address the myths and misunderstandings that exist and help to answer your questions.

The seminar will be presented by our Family Lawyer Sarah Smith and will include information on the following:

  • Who gets the kids?
  • Who will the children live with?
  • Who decides how much time they will spend with each parent?

To download a copy of the flyer simple click here Family Law Flyer. To confirm you will be attending this FREE event please email your RSVP by Tuesday 6 September to the Whitsunday Neighbourhood Centre at the email address