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Family Law Seminar Series – 2

Family Law Seminar Series – 2

When a relationship breaks down – who gets the kids? 

As we come into the last few months of the year, family issues are heightened with financial pressure from having to buy the kids Christmas gifts, to sorting childcare arrangements over the holidays. At certain times this can lead to couples separating and possibly a hostile home environment. If couples decide not to live together anymore, who do the children live with? Who decides how much time they spend with each parent? What happens next?

These are the types of question, that PD Laws Family Lawyer Sarah Smith had to answer at the last Family Law Seminar Series.

“There is always a “grey” area when a couple first separates and it can seem that everyone is an “expert” and has advice to offer about the possible scenarios” Sarah says “No two separations are the same so it’s best to get legal advice sooner rather than later”.

PD Law are running this series of Free Family Law Seminars in conjunction with the Whitsunday Neighbourhood Centre and they are family friendly so you can bring your kids along. The next one is happening on 8 November at 10am at the Whitsunday Neighbourhood Centre. For further information go to or RSVP via email at