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From police prosecutor to criminal lawyer

PD Law Welcomes CRIMINAL LAWYER Elizabeth Smith to the team

When Elizabeth Smith was at school she knew that she liked to argue and negotiate, and so when it came time to decide what to do with herself, the law seemed like the right fit.  Elizabeth attended Bond University and studied for her Bachelor of Laws. This was a time to really acquire her skills.

“University was a great time for me to learn and find like minded people and some role models”. When she graduated in 2008 Elizabeth joined a regional law practice in her home town and this is where she was admitted as a Solicitor and made her first appearances in court.

“Everyone thinks they know what it will be like because they watch the law dramas on TV, but it’s really very different – not nearly as glamorous”.  In her 3 years at the practice she became the Legal Aid Duty Lawyer helping people who for one reason or another, were financially disadvantaged. “I felt that by being the provider of legal aid support I was able to perform a role that provides assistance to those most in need, who might not have the know-how to deal with these matters themselves. This streamlines the process for both those directly involved, as well as the Court.”

In 2011 Elizabeth moved into a career that would take her into court on a more regular basis. As the civilian prosecutor for the Queensland Police Service in the Whitsunday Region, Elizabeth dedicated 6 years to ensuring that people abided by the law. “This was a particularly challenging time for me and one which offered up a varied but rewarding day to day role.”

After finishing up as prosecutor in 2016 to have her first child, Elizabeth sought a more flexible family friendly work role. “I am so pleased to be joining the team at PD Law focusing on Criminal Law. I feel I have so much to offer with my experiences so far. There is so much opportunity to make a difference in this role”.

Elizabeth will be working at the PD Law office at Coral Esplanade on Cannonvale Beach. If you are needing legal representation or support she is available to contact on 07 4946 6670 or you can book a phone consultation or face to face meeting online at any time by using the “Contact Us” button on our website