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Conveyancing – Take the stress out of buying or selling property – do E-Conveyancing with PD LAW

Anyone who has brought or sold property before will be familiar with the endless stream of paperwork involved in that transaction, along with having to track down a qualified person to witness signatures on various legal documents. E-Conveyancing is now available at PD Law using the PEXA online platform. PEXA reduces the risk of errors and delays giving you greater certainty of a successful and on-time settlement, which is especially important when you are trying to book in your removal company and sort out your days off to move. E-Conveyancing is easier for you and PD Law as manual paperwork is replaced by electronic transactions with banks and the other sides lawyers.

Price is important in any transaction. Equally as important is the adage you get what you pay for. We don’t hold ourselves out to be the cheapest provider of legal services, but nor are we the most expensive. What we do hold ourselves out to be is very good at our job, practical, and responsive. You’ll also know exactly what it will cost you. To this end PD Law offers “fixed fee” Conveyancing, which means you can stop worrying about the cost of making a phone call or how may emails, faxes or phone calls we have to make for the duration of your sale or purchase. Whatever we quote up front is what we charge (for a standard conveyance). A review of your contract, before you sign, is also included in your fees – so you can be sure of your legal obligations before finalising anything.

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