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Apples with Apples…When price point kills service!

Apples with Apples…When price point kills service!

$50? $100 maybe?  A light meal at a casual restaurant?  A few rounds with friends? A tank of fuel?

Now consider that number in the context of say a $500,000 house purchase. On anyone’s scale, it’s a tiny proportion. And yet that’s all it takes to cloud consumer judgment when it comes to choosing legal services.

In the conveyancing industry, consumers need to stress test their quotes, and what looks like a slightly cheaper alternative is unlikely to be the case. Some of the ‘fleas’ that come with a cheap quote can be add ons, hidden extras and limited service just to name a few.

So, even though at first glance we may not be as cut price as some of the larger Queensland wide, bulk turnover conveyancing shops, we offer a guarantee we know we can back up 100%: our service is always better – way better:

  • You get what you pay for – our fees are fixed and transparent – no hidden extras
  • Our people have been doing this stuff for a gazillion years, and we’re very good at what we do
  • Our product is excellent, well developed and professional
  • Our two-fold aim is to:
    •    win each client’s business for life, and
    •    ensure the agent referring us doesn’t ever suffer ‘blowback’ from a disgruntled consumer of our services.


We’re the alternative. Thanks in advance.