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PD Law are Open for Business after the Cyclone!             

PD Law are Open for Business after the Cyclone!

Replete with generators, concrete floors and a squadron of pedestal fans, we’re pleased to confirm we opened up for business again on Monday.

This would not have been possible without the fantastic support of some local businesses (in particular Reef Electrical for making lights and computers work, and Cannonvale Marine for locating and supplying those ever elusive generators), and of course the team here at PD Law.

Many of our clients are in the process of buying and selling homes, inubusinesses, and other transactions which may have been affected by the cyclone, and we’re happy to confirm that we’re working hard on protecting your rights. Many contracts have built in mechanisms which can assist in getting things back on track in an orderly fashion, and other transactions have implied rights and obligations, and we’ll ensure that these mechanisms are utilised to assist where possible. We’re also working daily with insurers, brokers, and banks to get matters back on track just as soon as we can.

Regardless of the issue, if you have any urgent legal queries or concerns following the devastating impact of Cyclone Debbie, just give us a call and we can help. Call the PD Law office on 4946 6670 to discuss or book an appointment online at any time, on our website