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Establishing or Buying into a Franchise?

Let’s Talk Franchising!

Why Franchising Matters

Franchising has quickly become an effective method for expanding business in various industries. It offers several advantages to both franchisors and franchisees:

  • Rapid Expansion: Franchising allows businesses to quickly expand by tapping into the resources and capital of franchisees. Granting franchise rights enables businesses to open new locations or enter new markets more rapidly.
  • Brand Extender: Franchising provides businesses with an effective means of expanding their brand presence beyond what can be accomplished with in-house efforts alone. Franchisees bring local knowledge and connections, contributing to greater brand recognition and market penetration.
  • Shared Investment and Risk: Franchisees bear both initial investment costs and operational expenses associated with opening franchise units, thus helping franchisors experience more controlled growth through less financial strain.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: Franchising allows for economies of scale by replicating successful business models across multiple locations. Standard operating procedures and central support systems enhance efficiency and consistency.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Franchising provides entrepreneurs with an attractive turnkey business solution, giving franchisees access to established brand equity, operational support, and training while mitigating some of the risks involved in starting from scratch.

At PD Law, we provide legal services tailored specifically for franchisors and franchisees in order to help navigate the complexities of franchising. Key areas we can help are:

  • Drafting and Review of Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): We assist franchisors in crafting and updating FDDs that comply with applicable laws and regulations, while for franchisees we review FDDs to gain an in-depth knowledge of both their franchise opportunity and associated risks.
  • Franchise Agreement Drafting and Negotiation: Our lawyers can draft franchise agreements that safeguard your rights and interests, with agreements clearly outlining rights and obligations on both sides, such as territorial rights, fees, intellectual property protection, training support services and ongoing services.
  • Franchise Registration and Compliance: We assist franchisors through the franchise registration process, ensuring compliance with local, state and federal laws. In addition, we assist them with ongoing compliance matters such as renewals, amendments and annual reporting obligations.
  • Franchise Sales and Acquisitions: Our legal team provides legal guidance for franchise sales and acquisitions, from facilitating due diligence through to negotiating purchase agreements and overseeing ownership transition. We aim to protect our client’s interests while mitigating risks during each step.
  • Franchise Relationship Management: We assist both franchisors and franchisees with managing the ongoing relationship between them, including addressing operational issues, resolving disputes, enforcing compliance with franchise standards and renewing or terminating franchise agreements.
  • Franchise Dispute Resolution and Litigation: When franchise-related disputes arise, our aim is to quickly settle these through negotiation, mediation and litigation only when necessary.

If you’re considering establishing a franchise or buying into one, get in touch with us now to arrange a consultation and learn how our lawyers can help!