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Fixed Fee

The Elephant in the Room

In many lawyer client relationships, the topic of fees is either left to the end or left till it’s too late: the client feels compelled to continue, or is simply too polite to ask. The lawyer quietly thanks their lucky stars no-one wanted to know.

Let’s make this Crystal Clear

Not only are we happy to discuss fees, we invite it. Whenever we can, we provide a fixed fee service, so you can immediately see the value we can add and make an informed choice.

Clearly we’re not idealists, and we accept that sometimes, things, circumstances, objectives, just change, and these are beyond anyone’s control. In these situations we provide an immediate opportunity for you to re-assess the value of and need for our services as these changes occur.

The New and the Old

Here’s why we think fixed fee pricing works.


    • Communication via email, phone, Skype, meetings is all inclusive and unlimited, encouraging open dialogue so everyone is clear on issues and solutions.
    • Establish the value for yourself. You know what your issue is worth to you and only you can make an informed choice about the value of your legal services.
    •  Your lawyer and you are focussed on getting the fee proposal right. This always encourages a detailed analysis of all possible issues up front with clients which might not otherwise have been considered.
    • There is zero incentive to delay.  This can only promote efficiency in both the services being offered and the working relationship with our clients.
    •  You’ll know what we will and won’t be doing, and you can increase or decrease the scope of our work to suit.


    • You may be reluctant to make too much contact for fear of a heavy bill.    Issues are missed, communication is compromised and results are poor.
    •  What was a good idea at the start is beginning to hurt. At some point, the law of diminishing returns kicks in, and the value you receive falls away well before your objectives are achieved, but you cannot turn back. Had you known at the start you could have made a more informed decision.
    • Issues are discovered and dealt with as a matter progresses. If they were contemplated earlier the results may have been different.
    • There’s a perception that hourly rates may result in a project to take longer than it has to. Whether it is accurate is not important. The perception can erode trust.
    • You may not know what your lawyer is doing, what you’re doing, or where the finish line is.

What happens at PD Law

At PD Law we:

  • meet with you, listen, gain an understanding of what you might need, and what your objectives are, listen some more;
  • confirm we have it clear what your objectives are;
  • give you an obligation free fee proposal, telling you our scope of work, what’s included, what’s not included;
  • believe that you want our experience, expertise and our intellectual capital, not hourly rates.

So, even though buying legal services is often seen as a grudge purchase, it doesn’t have to be. If you need a lawyer, make sure you know what you’re getting, make sure your opportunity to communicate is unlimited, and make sure you ascertain the value that your lawyer is adding, based on their expertise, experience, and fee structure. You’ll soon know whether it is worth it.


At PD Law we do this, and you shouldn’t settle for less.


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PD Law offers exceptional service to all of its clients, from its base in the Whitsundays.

It doesn’t matter where you’re located or what solutions you’re seeking, we’re always happy to hear from you.

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