The PD Law team is passionate about delivering quality service, a goal easily achieved by excellent and informed systems within a relaxed and supportive work environment.

We take a collaborative approach to all aspects of our business and yours, ensuring that service delivery comes from a diverse range of viewpoints.

Since 2012, PD Law’s goal was to re-think legal services delivery.

“It’s no secret legal services are a bit of a grudge purchase”, director Stuart Bell said. “We’re working hard to change that, and offer an affordable menu of contemporary services so people can immediately assess what sort of value we can add.”

This is being achieved in no small part to their investment in technology and further education, though not just legal education. CEO Mel Cox is several years in to her MBA.

“We’re a business first, facing the same pressures as all small business. The legal profession is undergoing massive change and we’re making it our business not just to move with the times, but to be at the industry forefront.

Geographic location is neither a consideration nor an excuse for us not being at the tip of change.”

Stuart Bell

Lawyer / Director

Mel Cox

CEO/ Director
Bernie Gunders

Bernie Gunders

Conveyancing Manager

Melissa Wick

Practice Manager & Marketing

Sarah Smith

Senior Lawyer

Hayden Grimston


Elizabeth Smith

Senior Lawyer

Emma Damgaard


Gail Absolon

Conveyancing Paralegal

Lila McGuire


Tash Hausler


Kelsie Gempton