Do you need legal advice and a way to spread the cost?

Worrying about paying your bill should not be your main concern. We provide you with options to assist you to pay your invoices via monthly instalments.

QuickFee enables you to:

  • Avoid lump sum payments
  • Pay legal fees monthly throughout the duration of the matter
  • Maintain your cash flow
  • Engage us without being concerned about how to pay

QuickFee Info

Need legal advice and a way to spread the cost - read this leaflet

QuickFee Quote

Get a quick no obligation quote for repaying your fees! With low rate interest options and a convenient DD arrangement, you are assured of no fuss payment options which match to your fee proposal.


PD Law will quickly verify your application. We'll provide you a quote and the paperwork for you to sign and return. The rest is trouble free and debited automatically from your account.