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Hamilton Island Booklet
Buying Property on Hamilton Island

Everything you need to know when buying property on Hamilton Island in our handy buyers guide.

Contents include the complexities of the contracts and options when buying leasehold, the body corporate, transfer duty and buying off the plan! This guide also includes those conditions you might want consider as well as insurance and risk!

Download the Buying Property on Hamilton Island PDF.


Hamilton Island Buyers “To Do” List

A really convenient “to do” check list for buying on Hamilton Island . Don’t miss any important steps with our handy Hamilton Island buyers guide.

Contents include arranging inspections, a guide to ongoing costs, body corporate levies, insurance and service charges.

Download the Hamilton Island Buyers To Do  list PDF.

Conveyancing - Buyers To Do List

Buyers “To Do” Guide

Everything you need to know when buying property or land, in a handy “to do” list. You won’t forget any important steps with our handy buyers guide. Contents include taking out insurance on the property by 5pm on the next business day after you sign the contract and arranging your Finance. Keep it on the fridge and tick off the important conveyancing step by step!

Download the Buyers To Do guide PDF.


Buyers to do list
Sellers “To Do” Guide

Selling a property can be a stressful time, so here we have summarised your key activities in this “to do” guide.

Contents include, signing and having a JP or Commissioner of Declarations witness your transfer documents and arranging a property inspection prior to settlement.

Download the Sellers To Do guide PDF.

Buying Real Estate in Queensland Guide

Buying a Property or Buying Vacant Land and Building your dream home, then this guide is for you. Full of great information and explaining the jargon. Download here.

Download the Buying Real Estate in the Whitsundays guide PDF


Estate Planning Guide

This guide will help you to understand the importance of making a will.

It’s the thing most people don’t want to even think about but, if you die intestate – without a will – your assets will be distributed by the State Government appointed Public Trustee, which can be a costly process and may not be how you’d want your assets distributed. Those assets might even end up with the State!

Download the Estate Planning guide PDF.

 Wills Brochure
Making a Will Guide

Wills are not ‘one size fits all’. We’ll talk to you first, assess what we think your needs are, and give you some choices on what might be the best fit for you.

There’s no point in drafting an enormously complex will when your circumstances might not need it. That said, it’s madness to select a will based on price if a more comprehensive will may reduce or even eliminate risk of massive financial loss and the breakdown of family relationships after a lifetime of building them up.

It’s ultimately your choice, and you will know best what’s right for you based on your circumstances. We’ll simply give you the tools to make the right choice

Download the Making a Will guide PDF.

Criminal Law Guide

We can help you to get the best result possible as early as possible. We appreciate the consequence of having a conviction on your record and how this impacts not only you, but your family, friends and you way of life.

It is important that you obtain experienced legal representation, as early as possible so you know your rights.

Buying a Business

Our guide is designed to cover the essentials when setting out on a business venture. We’ve tried to keep the content clean, to the point  and relevant, not just from a legal perspective, but also as to what it means to be in business and how to distil all the motivating factors for getting into business in the first place.

We hope you like it.

Download our Business Guide