About us

Our History

PD Law, (known then as Property Development Law ) was founded in 2003 in response to an obvious demand for a firm dedicated to property and development related legal services.  Starting out as a pure development law consultancy comprising just two, PD Law has grown steadily in terms of team numbers, client base and service and now offers a comprehensive suite of business, property and consumer based legal solutions.

Although we’ve developed and now offer a broad range of legal services, the PD in PDLaw remains as a nod to our beginnings.

Our Vision Statement

Our firm is relentless in building a trusted brand associated with consistent delivery of highly skilled, ethical legal representation for a fee that aligns with client expectations. We don’t just want to meet client expectations, we want to exceed them by:-

  • identifying and responding to clients’ needs
  • maintaining a transparent and honest relationship with our clients
  • providing a strategic approach that involves more than legal knowledge
  • providing successful outcomes
  • maintaining constant and clear communication with our clients
  • maintaining clarity and predictability on our fees


We’ve planned for a diverse future that constantly evolves with the ever-changing needs of the market. We adopt cutting edge legal and business technologies and methodologies to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality services. We’re striving to build a solid brand that is here for the long term and one that is renowned for its ability to listen and respond to client needs.

We encourage long term consistent relationships.We have an appreciation for investing in diverse talents and providing an environment where working as part of a strong team is rewarded. Our culture is an essential element to our firm and we believe in empowering our people to be the very best at what they do.

We believe in strong leadership, exceeding client expectations, our people and most of all PD Law.

Points of difference

We’ve worked very hard to differentiate our own brand and service from that of a typical law practice. We stick to what we know, and strive to keep your business. The best way to ensure this is to do a good job for every one of our clients, provide an experience they can expect every time they call on us, and to offer first class technical advice and excellent value for money and technical ability.

With a modern, professional beach side office, our small but dynamic team of 2 lawyers and 7 support support staff enjoys the most flexible and satisfying work/life balance possible in an industry that is typically very demanding on its people.

Our culture is founded on honesty and integrity, and is supported by a strong team environment.



Our Future

Our future is to continue to balance our measured growth in step with the Whitsundays, offering our trademark excellent service. With one of our founding directors being a second generation local lawyer, we are passionate about and committed to the region, the local economy and its people.